Sunday, July 14, 2024

Fake call centre busted in Gujarat, 10 arrested

Ten individuals, nine of whom hail from Nagaland and Manipur, were arrested in Gujarat’s Junagadh for operating an illicit call centre that aimed at defrauding American citizens.

Investigations have led to the seizure of Rs 3 lakh in cash and items valued at Rs 8.50 lakh. The arrest took place on Thursday, the officials informed on Friday. The investigation is still on.

Preliminary interrogations revealed the involvement of Ahmedabad residents Harjitsinh Chhatrapalsinh Rana of Tali, Lakhtar, Surendranagar, along with Indrajitsinh Mahavirsinh Rana, Jayal Patel, Digvijaysinh Gambhirsinh Rana of Tavi, Lakhtar, and Isha Ranjit Vyas from Thane West, Maharashtra. Notably, Indrajitsinh Rana is the offspring of the retired Deputy Superintendent of Police of Junagadh, Mahavirsinh Rana.

The deceptive operations were headquartered in Ahmedabad and conducted from Flat Number 601 in Ishan Platinum, located in the Lakshminagar region.

The authorities on site confiscated multiple laptops, mobile phones, and an iPad.

Among the ten detainees were five women and five men. Their operations primarily focused on scamming unsuspecting American individuals, said officials.



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