Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Gehlot Govt will never return to power, says Modi in Rajasthan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was in Sagwara, Rajasthan to address a mammoth gathering in the tribal belt, said on Wednesday that Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s Government will not return to power in the state.

Thursday is the last day of campaigning for the November 25 Assembly elections in Rajasthan and voting will be held on 199 seats.

Addressing the rally in Sagwara, Modi said, “Banswara-Dungarpur falls in the Vagad region of Rajasthan. Vagad region has suffered due to the misgovernance of the Congress.

“The children of those who are close to the Congress leaders became officers and your children were selectively thrown out.

“The paper leak mafia promoted by the Congress has ruined the future of the youth of Rajasthan.

“The premises of Congress leaders are being raided and gold bars are being taken out of their lockers. The pages of the Lal Diary are opening, which speaks about the dark deeds of the Congress government.

“To implement the Central Government’s plans in Rajasthan, it is necessary to remove the Congress. No matter how much Modi wants to do (for you) how will he do it someone else is sitting in Jaipur? Therefore, choose the BJP government.”

He went on to add, “The Congress has become a slave of just one family. Yesterday I was doing a road show in Jaipur. Big hoardings were put up there. There was a photo of the Chief Minister in it, but not of the state President. There was a photo of one of their MPs, but the photo of their President and such a big Dalit leader Kharge was not included. Yesterday I saw what happened to a Dalit leader in Congress. He belongs to the family of the most senior leaders of the Congress. But the Congress is only engaged in the devotion of one family.”

Modi also accused the Congress of betraying government employees.

“The Treasury has been emptied due to the policy of plunder. Their money remains lying with the government for months. Employees are also not receiving gratuity and provident fund money,” he added.



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