Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Gujarat records over a third of average monsoon rain; Kutch leads with 87.44%

Gujarat has surpassed one-third of its average monsoon rainfall this season, registering 34.50 per cent as of Thursday morning.

The total precipitation across the state has reached 302.45 mm, compared to the monsoon average of 877 mm.
Leading the monsoon performance, the Kutch region stands out with the highest proportion of rainfall compared to its monsoon average at a staggering 87.44 per cent.
The region has witnessed a total of 405.30 mm of rain thus far.
Anjar and Mundra talukas, both located in Kutch, have the unique distinction of being the only two talukas to have received 100 per cent of their average rainfall.
Specifically, Anjar already exceeded its average with a notable 171.31 (881 mm) of rain, while Mundra recorded 105.89 per cent (560 mm).
Meanwhile, Saurashtra has achieved 50.34 per cent, North Gujarat 31.14 per cent, South Gujarat 27.09 per cent, and East Central Gujarat 24.36 per cent.
In terms of total precipitation this season, Valsad district in South Gujarat holds the record with 764 mm of rainfall.
Junagadh in the Saurashtra region follows with 687 mm, and Navsari in South Gujarat trails with 622 mm.
Over the last 24 hours, Khambhat taluka in Anand district experienced the highest rainfall, receiving 124 mm.
Of Gujarat’s 251 talukas, 173 reported rainfall on Wednesday.



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