Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Gujarat’s health index falling, India’s malnutrition index rising, Vishwaguru must answer: Siddaramaiah

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said on Wednesday that Gujarat’s rating is falling in the health index and India’s index on malnutrition is rising. He added that ‘Vishwaguru’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi, should answer why this has happened.

Siddaramaiah was speaking after inaugurating the state government’s ambitious public health programme, Anaemia Mukt Poushtika Karnataka, on Wednesday.

Those who have praised Gujarat as a ‘model state’ should answer why Gujarat is rising in the malnutrition index and falling in the health index.

Siddaramaiah quipped, “Can this become a model for the whole country? Without eradicating poverty, and illiteracy, people will not have good health. So treating these three ills is the first priority of our government. Our government’s aim is to take health benefits to everyone’s doorstep.”

He said that the Karnataka Government was ready to provide the required funds.

The CM called upon Women and Child Welfare Minister Lakshmi Hebbalkar and Health Minister Dinesh Gundurao to work together to fulfil the aim of the Government and keep the children and everyone in Karnataka very healthy.



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