Monday, June 17, 2024

HP’s new gaming laptops to start from below Rs 60K

PC and printer major HP is geared up to launch a new gaming portfolio this week and the price range of new gaming laptops is expected to start from below Rs 60,000.

Sources told IANS on Tuesday that HP’s new gaming laptops are expected to be the lightest and thinnest gaming devices the company has ever launched, in order to further consolidate its leadership in Indian PC gaming market.

Through its new gaming portfolio, HP also wants to target gamers who want a multipurpose gaming device, they added.

HP has continued to lead the Indian PC market with 33 per cent market share, as per the IDC.

According to industry sources, HP commands around 38 per cent share in gaming PC sales in the country.

HP’s new gaming portfolio will be announced later this week and the new series of gaming products that are expected to suit the needs of casual, serious, as well as professional gamers.

To mainstream PC gaming experience, HP has invested in gaming infrastructure in India by launching Omen Playground stores in 2023.

Omen Playground stores are built to provide a holistic gaming experience and HP has already operationalised 12 Omen Play ground in 12 cities in India.

These stores allow gamers to experience PC gaming free of cost and HP has been organising many gaming community events at Omen Playground.



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