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‘IBD 3’: Aniket Chauhan’s performance leaves Kumar Sanu mesmerised

The upcoming episode of the dance reality show ‘India’s Best Dancer 3’, will see the contestants being put to a new test in the ‘naya daur’, where they will have to showcase their magic of dance.

Making the grand evening extra special, the show will be celebrating the legendary singer Kumar Sanu in the ‘Superhit Sunday With Sanu Da’ special. The singer will be seen getting impressed by contestant Aniket Chauhan’s performance.

The episode will showcase performances by the contestants who will recreate the magic of Kumar Sanu’s timeless songs, infusing romance, love, and laughter in their acts. The episode will also feature Indian Idol contestants Rishi Singh and Debosmita Roy, comedian Jai Vijay and Nitesh Shetty, along with talented dancers Sanam Johar, Sushant Khatri, and the winner of ‘India’s Best Dancer’ season 1, Tiger Pop.

Leaving everybody in awe will be the mind-blowing act on the song ‘Laal Dupatte Wali’ by contestant Aniket Chauhan and choreographer Gourav Sarwan. Their quirky performance will leave the judges in splits. Kumar Sanu, thoroughly impressed by their performance, will go on to say: “Thank you so much for this beautiful tribute. I truly enjoyed watching you perform. I think this stage is Aniket’s gurukul. He didn’t learn dance from any institute or guru, but still, his dance is amazing. I hope he continues to follow his passion for dance as he is fantastic.”

Reflecting on his own journey, Kumar Sanu will share: “When I was 8 years old, I used to play the tabla at home. In 1979, during one show, I accompanied the musicians and unexpectedly had to sing. I was scared, but I sang ‘Duniya Mein Logo Ko’ from the movie ‘Apna Desh’. People were clapping and praising me. I was shivering on stage, and people thought I was dancing, but in reality, I was scared.”

Judge Geeta Kapur will also go on to praise Aniket saying: “From having no guru to learning from social media and television, Aniket’s growth has been remarkable. His performances exude energy, emotion, and drama. I love the way you perform and of course your cute mischievous side. It’s a delight to watch you dance.”

Adding a touch of humor, Kumar Sanu will ask Aniket to mimic the Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, resulting in a hilarious moment where Aniket flawlessly imitates the superstar’s expression.



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