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IDF retrieves bodies of 2 Israelis taken hostages on October 7

Tel Aviv, Dec 13 ( IANS) The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in a statement said that it retrieved the bodies of two Israeli citizens, who were taken hostages on October 7.

The IDF retrieved the bodies of Eden Zechariah and IDF Warrant Officer Ziv Dado.

While Eden Zechariah was kidnapped from the party in Re’im, Dado was kidnapped while serving as a logistics foreman in the 51st Battalion of the Golani Brigade.

The bodies were retrieved by soldiers from Unit 504 of the Intelligence Directorate and the 551st Brigade operating in Gaza.

The IDF said that the bodies underwent an identification procedure by military medical doctors and military rabbies.

The Israel army in the statement said that the Institute of Forensic Medicine and Israel Police were also part of the identification process.

The statement said that Zechariah and Dado families have been informed about the identification of the bodies.



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