Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Islam does not permit taking children as hostages: Arab Islamist Ra’am party

The Arab Islamist Ra’am party leader M.K. Mansour Abbas has said that Islam does not permit to take children, including toddlers, as hostages.

He said that a two-year-old child cannot be a bargaining chip and a party to any deal.

Abbas also met with the families of some of the hostages and got a letter from them including those signed by Nobel Prize laureates and legal documents signed by the legal experts calling for immediate release of the hostages held in Gaza.

He said that the letter was addressed by the families of children who have been kidnapped following October 7 attacks by Hamas.

The letter was representing the families of 30 children who were kidnapped, including a nine-months-old baby, three-years-old girl and eight-years-old boy.

Mansour Abbas said that he has delivered the letter to the Emir of Qatar, President of Turkey, and also to the President of the U.S.

He said that all citizens of Israel, Jewish and Arab should care to be inclusive to protect their own future.

He said that he will do everything possible to bring the children home.



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