Saturday, June 15, 2024

Israel agrees to open Kerem Shalom crossing for more aid movement to Gaza

The Israel government has agreed to open the Kerem Shalom border crossing to help speed up delivery of humanitarian supplies into Gaza.

In a statement, the Israel body for civil coordination with Palestinians, COGAT said that the Kerem Shalom would be opened in the next few days.

Colonel Elad Goren , head of the Civil department at COGAT, said that Kerem Shalom would be opened for inspection and would allow the flow of humanitarian aid after inspection by UN agencies.

The Kerem Shalom crossing was used to carry more than 60 per cent of the truckloads going into Gaza before war erupted on October 7.

The aid Chief of the United Nations, Martin Griffiths also told media persons that negotiations were taking place and there were promising signs regarding the same. In a statement from Geneva, Griffiths said, “It would be the first miracle we’ve seen in days and would be a big boost to the logistical process and logistical base for the humanitarian operations.”

He also said that this would increase the flow of trucks to the Gaza strip.

It may be noted that the current aid is reaching Gaza strip only through the Rafah border which has led to the delays in flow of humanitarian aid including food, medicine and fuel.



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