Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Israel to free remaining hostages by firepower: Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said that efforts to free the remaining hostages in Gaza are being made by firepower.

In an interaction with his Likud party members, he said that Israel is now “speaking to the enemy with fire” to get the remaining hostages free.

He also called upon the Likud party ministers and members of Knesset (Parliament) not to enter into personal arguments during the war time and not to involve in criticising the security forces.

Netanyahu also told the party members and leaders that the war cabinet is acting “quickly but not recklessly”.

He said that the Israeli army is continuing its attack on both northern and southern Gaza strip.

It is to be noted that the seven day truce between Hamas and Israel had fallen apart on Friday and the fight has resumed with IDF shelling several areas of Gaza.

The IDF has in a statement on Sunday said that it was moving into south Gaza as “this is where top leadership of Hamas including Mohammed Deif and Yahya Sinwar are reportedly hiding”.



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