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ITC’s Mangaldeep brand commemorates its ‘Sixth Sense’ panel through a video on #worldsightday

Mangaldeep, ITC’s agarbatti brand, has launched a new video on the occasion of World Sight Day, commemorating the contribution of its 150+ visually impaired ITC Mangaldeep ‘Sixth Sense’ fragrance testers in the creation of unique and superior fragrance varieties of its products.

ITC Mangaldeep has set up the flagship ‘Sixth Sense’ panels in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai, to provide employment opportunities to visually challenged people by tapping into their keen olfactory abilities to improve it product offerings.

Mangaldeep has made them a part of the fragrance evaluation process at the product testing stage, while supporting them with livelihood opportunities as well as empowering them with a sense of dignity and pride for being able to make an impact.

It has recruited 150 plus ‘Sixth Sense’ panelists with assistance from self-help groups and NGOs and are given extensive training after they are onboarded.

The heartwarming video shows a visually impaired individual walking through the by lanes leading to his house and describing the surroundings around him by inhaling the aroma generated by households and shops selling food items and flowers.

He then introduces himself and says that although he does not have the power of vision, he has superior olfactory abilities which has helped in earning a livelihood being an ITC Mangaldeep ‘Sixth Sense’ panellist and leading a dignified life.

The video leaves a lasting impression and makes us realise how lucky are those human beings who can enjoy the world’s surroundings with their eyes. The video also highlights the resilient nature of visually impaired individuals and how they manage to tackle the numerous curveballs thrown by life with a genial smile.

The members of Mangaldeep ‘Sixth Sense’ panel have been able to capture minute variations in fragrance strengths and are bringing in high value-addition in olfactive matching of fragrances, a crucial process which involves matching a fragrance to a benchmark. This panel has played significant roles in the creation of unique and superior fragrance varieties of Sandal, Rose, Lavender and Marigold.



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