Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Jaipur man showers cash from car

A scene reminiscent of the popular web series ‘Money Heist’ came out live on the streets of Jaipur when a youth standing atop a car flung currency notes in the air.

While actor Anil Kapoor could be seen burning cash in reel life, in real life the youth was throwing away cash notes among people which was being openly looted by people.

The incident which was captured on video is going viral on social media and garnering traction.

Covering his face under a mask, the man was seen showering money at the people in front of a mall with people catching it leading to a traffic jam .

Meanwhile, police officials reached the location only after the video went viral.

The youth kept flinging in the air notes with Rs 20 denomination every now and then for 20 minutes. People also captured the incident in their mobiles. No policeman posted at the open post near GT Market tried to get any information about the youth.

The young man then left the spot in his car.

According to DCP East Gyanchand Yadav, Jawahar Circle SHO has been asked to investigate the video matter. On the basis of the car number, the police reached the youth’s house and arrested him for disturbing the peace.

Investigations are in progress.



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