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Khushi, a widow of Bikru massacre, will never return to the village

Khushi Dubey, the widow of the Bikru massacre in Uttar Pradesh, in which eight policemen were killed, has said that she would never want to visit Bikru, the place that ruined her life.

Khushi Dubey is the widow of Amar Dubey, one of the accused of the massacre who was killed in an encounter three days after the incident.

The Bikru massacre took place on July 3, 2020 in Chaubepur when a police team had gone to arrest gangster Vikas Dubey.

Dubey and his men opened fire on the police team, killing eight of them on the spot.

The police killed all the six accused in back-to-back encounters within one week.

Amar Dubey was one of them. Khushi had been married only three days prior to the massacre.

After this, the police arrested more than 50 people involved directly or indirectly in the Bikru massacre to jail.

Khushi, then a minor, was one of them. She languished in jail for several months and in January 2023, she was released after getting bail from the Supreme Court.

According to the instructions of the court, Khushi has to go to Chaubepur police station every week to mark her attendance. She had gone to mark her attendance when the media asked her if she would visit Bikru.

“For the rest of my life, I would not like to go to the village that took everything away from me,” she said.

Khushi is now living with her parents and plans to continue her education and study law.



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