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Koushik, Rakesk, Shreeya blend in science, art, love with cooking on ‘Master Chef India: Tamil’

Popular chefs Koushik, Rakesh Ragunathan, and Shreeya Adka are gearing up to blend science, art, and love into cooking, as ‘Master Chef India: Tamil’ is readying for launch, as it has released its promo.

A platform to give recognition to different forms and perspectives on cooking, the show will see different contestants and aspiring cooking maestros dishing out their creativity, skills, techniques, and imagination to churn up unique delicacies under a very strict time limit.

Pressure in the kitchen is always high, and when preparing food for the taste buds of cooking maestros, the aspirants can only dish out the best under the shortest notice possible.

For Koushik, cooking is science and food is the cumulative output of blending the flavour and tastes together, thus making his assessment as a cold and calculating one which focuses on a 100 per cent accuracy rate regarding the desired flavour.

Rakesh Ranganthan offers a different perspective, as he views cooking as a form of art. Art is based on creativity and imagination, so for him the taste will obviously matter, but so will the ingenuity that the contests will put forth in preparing their dishes.

As for Shreeya Adka, her perspective is the simplest. Cooking is love, and indeed, loveless cooking results in formulaic tasteless food. You love the craft, your product comes out the best. The simplest rationale which is both practical, and artistic.

Providing a platform for all the diverse kinds of cooking talent to gain their due recognition, ‘Master Chef India: Tamil’ is also aiming to blend all these different takes on cooking and see how the talent that appears in the show will utilise this.

Bringing together the ingredients, of art and artistry, thought and savour, taste and flavour, ‘Master Chef India: Tamil’ will come soon on SonyLIV.



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