Saturday, July 13, 2024

Lalan Singh slams Sushil Modi, says BJP not in favour of caste census

JD-U President Lalan Singh slammed BJP Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Kumar Modi saying that BJP was not in favour of caste based census in Bihar.

Earlier, Sushil Modi had said that the decision of caste based survey was taken during NDA government while RJD and Congress have not played any role in it.

“The entire Bihar knows that when Bihar cabinet, during coalition government between BJP and JD-U, had sought time from PM Modi over the issue he had asked them to wait for a month for the appointment. The main reason was that BJP was not in favour of the caste based census in Bihar,” Singh said.

He said that after center rejected the caste based census and the Bihar government decided to conduct the same on its own expenses, BJP came on board with us as they had no other option left.

“BJP carried out a conspiracy and dragged the case to Patna High Court and to Supreme Court. Sushil Modi and his party objected to the census but they failed. Now after the report has been published, BJP is trying to take credit for it. He is a snake with two mouths,” he said.

He said that the real face of BJP stands exposed before OBC and EBC.

“After Bihar, the demand for caste based surveys is taking place in every state. Center does not care about any section of society. They just believe in advertisements. The Pradhan Sewak of the country is actually a Pradhan event manager,” he said.



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