Tuesday, July 23, 2024

LinkedIn bets big on AI to help recruiters find suitable candidates

Global professional networking platform LinkedIn, which has close to 1 billion users, on Tuesday introduced a new recruiter platform powered by generative AI to help companies find right candidates from the talent pool on the platform.

‘Recruiter 2024’ is being rolled out to select users from Tuesday and will be available for all LinkedIn Recruiter customers throughout next year.

‘Recruiter 2024’ is a new AI-assisted recruiting experience that will use generative AI to help recruitment professionals come up with better search to spot stronger candidates.

LinkedIn has been using technology from ChatGPT-maker OpenAI to develop the features.

Specifically, recruiters will now be able to use more conversational language to find talent.

LinkedIn also revealed a new AI chatbot for its e-learning platform, called LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning will be incorporating AI in the form of a “learning coach” that is essentially built as a chatbot.

“This economic climate requires that businesses be agile,. That is especially true when it comes to talent strategies,” said Karin Kimbrough, LinkedIn’s chief economist.

Job seekers can now receive coaching from a chatbot that will give both real-time advice and tailored content recommendations based on current job title, career goals as well as the skills they follow.

“Businesses need new skills at a rate faster than I’ve ever seen before — which means they need to help their employees evolve via upskilling and internal mobility,” said Jennifer Shapley, LinkedIn’s VP of global talent.

“In years past, companies might have relied more on talent acquisition to “buy” the new skills they needed, but that strategy no longer works in isolation for today’s labour market and business environment,” Shapley added.

With AI-assisted projects and conversational search, you can input your hiring goals in your own words. Recruiter will automatically find interested and qualified candidates, drawing on billions of data points from the world’s largest professional network.



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