Tuesday, June 18, 2024

LS bans passes for PAs of MPs in view of massive security breach

Following the massive security breach in Lok Sabha on Wednesday on the 22nd anniversary of the 2001 Parliament attack, the Lok Sabha has banned the entry of the Personal Assistants (PAs) of the MPs in the House, sources said.

Meanwhile, Speaker Om Birla before adjourning the House for the day dubbed the security breach as a “serious issue”. He also apprised the members that a review of the security arrangements would be done to ensure no such incident takes place in future.

Birla also said that action would be taken as per the probe report.

Birla added that what had happened “was a matter of concern for all of us and a serious issue.” He also hailed the MPs and the security marshals in the House for nabbing the two persons who had entered the main hall from the visitors’ gallery.

After making the remarks, Birla adjourned the House for the day till December 14.

The two men who were caught have been identified as Manoranjan Kumar and Sagar Sharma. Sharma has got the visitor’s pass made on the reference of BJP MP from Karnataka’s Mysuru Pratap Simha.



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