Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Lucknow to get a nightlife, have 24×7 wine-and-dine street soon

  Lucknow will soon have a dedicated stretch that will be developed as a 24×7 wine and dine street.

This will give Lucknow an opportunity to build a nightlife.

The Lucknow development authority (LDA) has earmarked a 6-acre wide land parcel near CG City, with 15 plots between 1,200 square metres and 2,800 square metres dedicated for hotels and restaurants having a special status of allowing 24×7 operations of bars.

The LDA has mapped the scheme in coordination and consultation with stakeholders, including Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC), excise and police departments to ensure commercial viability for potential investors.

Reserved for those willing to invest Rs 13.66 crore to Rs 32.4 crore, the overall scheme has the potential to strengthen LDA’s coffers by at least Rs 288 crore, paving the way for similar schemes in other parts of Uttar Pradesh.

According to official sources, the excise department will allow round the clock operations of bars, micro-breweries and watering holes.

“We will make amendments in rule books to allow day-round operations of bars within the special zones,” said an official.

In the upcoming policy that will govern excise business in 2023-24, the department has already made provisions for starred properties to operate bars through the day for in-house guests and the same will be offered to the fine dining street on a premium, over and above the licence fees.

A LDA official said, “The establishments will have to fulfil and adhere to the procedures laid down by the municipal corporation, FSSAI, excise, police and fire departments. We would permit 24×7 operations, once all the NOCs are in place and also coordinate with other departments to expedite the applications required to make the fine dining street scheme successful.”

Officials added that the street will be developed near Ahimamau crossing, off the Shaheed Path.



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