Maniesh Paul wore heavy prosthetics, lost 20 kgs for ‘Rafuchakkar’

Actor Maniesh Paul, who plays a silver-tongued con-man and master of disguise, Prince, in the upcoming streaming series ‘Rafuchakkar’, wore heavy prosthetics in intense heat despite being claustrophobic.

Creative duo and producers Arjun and Kartik made the revelation saying that Maniesh plays a smooth operator, a hustler and during the shoot, he switched between five different disguises and characters “with an ease that was mind-boggling”.

They said, “He was incredibly committed to this role and even gained and lost weight as per the demands of the characters.”

They also shared that the actor lost over 20 kgs for one role and gained almost as much weight for another during the course of the shoot.

They recalled: “Despite being claustrophobic, he wore heavy prosthetics in intense heat. He even learned the local dialect of each city where the characters were located for the sake of authenticity. He loves challenges and pushed his boundaries to mould himself into a new person each time.”

In the teaser of ‘Rafuchakkar’, Maniesh is seen playing a gym instructor, a wedding planner, a 70-year-old man and of course as Prince who specialises in swindling the rich and the corrupt and then finds himself caught in a dangerous web of lies and deceit.

The series is all set to drop on Jio Cinema on June 15.



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