Sunday, June 16, 2024

Meta begins testing Threads integration with Mastodon, ActivityPub

Meta has started testing a feature to show Threads posts on Mastodon and other ActivityPub networks, as the company finally makes Threads part of the decentralised social network system.

ActivityPub is an open, decentralised social networking protocol that provides a client/server API for creating, updating, and deleting content.

“Starting a test where posts from Threads accounts will be available on Mastodon and other services that use the ActivityPub protocol,” Meta Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a post.

“Making Threads interoperable will give people more choice over how they interact and it will help content reach more people. I’m pretty optimistic about this,” he added.

Zuckerberg, however, did not provide much details on how the integration may work in the future.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri said earlier this year that the company is committed to building support for ActivityPub, the protocol behind Mastodon, into this app.

“We weren’t able to finish it for launch given a number of complications that come along with a decentralised network, but it’s coming,” he had said in July.

Meta is also expanding its fact-checking programme to Threads platform, as the US and India gear up for general elections next year.

“We currently match fact-check ratings from Facebook or Instagram to Threads, but our goal is for fact-checking partners to have the ability to review and rate misinformation on the App. More to come soon,” Mosseri informed.



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