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Morbi bridge collapse: SIT submits 5,000-page report, blames pvt company

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) has submitted an exhaustive 5,000-page report to the Gujarat High Court in the Morbi bridge collapse incident in which 135 people died.

The report released on Tuesday blames the key personnel of the Oreva company which was responsible for the bridge’s operation and maintenance.

The suspension bridge over the Machhu River in Morbi had plunged into the water on the fateful evening of October 30, 2022. The state government had constituted a committee to conduct a thorough inquiry into the matter.

Notably, the maintenance and oversight of this critical bridge had been entrusted to the Oreva Group.

According to the compiled SIT report, Oreva’s Managing Director, Jaysukh Patel, Manager Dinesh Dave, and Manager Deepak Parekh bear direct accountability for the incident.

The investigation’s findings reveal a series of lapses in the bridge’s management and safety protocols.

The report highlights that there were no restrictions imposed on the number of individuals permitted on the bridge at any given time.

Additionally, it notes the absence of a fitness report conducted prior to the bridge’s inauguration, and the Oreva company’s failure to seek input from local municipal authorities. Moreover, ticket sales operated without any limitations.

Equally concerning was the insufficient provision of security equipment and personnel on the bridge.



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