Thursday, July 25, 2024

Naga Chaitanya is off to a murky ocean in ‘Dhullakotteyala’ poster

Telugu star Naga Chaitanya’s tentatively titled project ‘NC23’ has finally unveiled its actual title to be ‘Dhullakotteyala’, and has also unveiled an epic new poster to commemorate this reveal, as Naga is spotted in a murky and dangerous sea ahead of his birthday on Thursday.

The poster shows the actor sitting on an old broken wooden boat, resembling something similar to the older 18th century European boats employed mostly by pirates, though this doesn’t look like a historical film at all as the actor is wearing modern day undershirts and pants.

Sitting amidst broken planks, and blue cloth, and possibly a bunch of corpses, Naga is seen holding the mast of his ship showcasing his extremely well-toned muscles. He is also sporting long curly black hair, and a thick beard while giving off a very intense and serious gaze.

The sails of the ship appear slightly broken and the sky is completely darkened, signifying a lot of danger. Amidst that thunderous black sky, which boasts little light, the ocean behind him is still and dreary, completely unforgiving.

But exuding pure confidence and steely resolve, the ‘Thank You’ actor is wearing a grey, and somewhat torn undershirt with a blue stripe, while also donning black pants, brown shoes, and a pendant around his neck.

Looking like one stormy adventure full of blood pumping adrenaline, ‘Dhullakotteyala’ will also feature actress Sai Pallavi, and is directed by Chandoo Mondeti, featuring music by Devi Sri Prasad and production from Allu Aravind.



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