Tuesday, July 23, 2024

NCP concerned over ‘dizzying’ inflation, asks govt to ensure ‘food security in monsoon’

As the market prices of tomatoes and other vegetables set new records for over a month, Maharashtra’s opposition Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) on Friday called for urgent and appropriate measures to shield the ordinary masses reeling under high inflation.

NCP chief spokesperson Mahesh Tapase said that along with tomatoes, many other vegetables have become scarce or unaffordable for the people, especially the middle class and lower sections of society.

“It is high time the government intervenes in the matter and ensures affordable prices of vegetables and other food items to give some relief to the poor, especially with the festival season round the corner,” he demanded.

Tapase also asked whether the Food and Civil Supplies Ministry had adequate stocks of food grains to prevent any disruptions, especially with the peak of the ongoing rainy season.

He cautioned that as the open markets become unaffordable, the people would depend on the Public Distribution System to play a more active role in catering to the needs of the masses.

“Given the challenges of the Monsoon, the Maharashtra government should stop worrying about the MLAs and prioritise public welfare, especially the deprived sections and the farmers, with proactive planning, clamping down on hoarders and black-marketeers of essential items and ensuring supplies are not disrupted,” he demanded.



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