Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Not saying ‘Bhai’ sparks off deadly clash between two groups in north Delhi, two dead

Just addressing a man as “Dabloo”, instead of “Dabloo bhai” led to a clash in north Delhi involving stone pelting and firing between two groups that left two people dead, police said on Tuesday,

The incident occurred at Jailorwala Bagh near Ashok Viharlate on Monday evening and Ravi Kant aka “Dabloo” also sustained injuries in the clash and is now admitted in a hospital.

The deceased were identified as Sahil a.k.a Raghu and Ajay Bhura.

A senior police official said that two FIRs have been registered in connection with the incident at Ashok Vihar police station and a probe has been initiated.

According to the police, around 7 p.m. on Monday, Bhura and Raghu, along with Zakir, arrived in an SUV at Jailorwala Bagh and were allegedly carrying firearms and sharp weapons.

They encountered their rival gang member, Dabloo, in a lane, and an altercation began due to not calling him “Dabloo bhai”.

During the confrontation, two shots were fired, and one struck Dabloo, prompting him to raise an alarm.

Raghu was fatally shot on the spot, while Bhura was chased and stabbed to death. Zakir managed to escape. A senior police official said that Zakir has been arrested while a manhunt for others has been initiated.



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