Thursday, June 20, 2024

On way to Punjab from Bihar for child labour, 11 minors rescued in UP

Eleven children being transported from Bihar’s Katihar to Amritsar in Punjab by train for child labour have been rescued by Childline in Lucknow.

The Childline team on Wednesday received a tip from Bachpan Bachao Andolan workers that 15 children were being taken from Katihar to Amritsar for child labour by adult men, aboard the Amrapali Express train, for the purpose of child labour.

“Our rescue workers boarded the train at the Badshah Nagar railway station stoppage, but could not locate the children fast enough. The stoppage time there is only about two minutes and the train was extremely crowded.

Our team was able to locate 11 minor boys being accompanied by two adults, and disembarked with them at the Aishbagh railway station (Lucknow) on Wednesday,” said Childline coordinator Vivek Sharma.

During questioning the children revealed that they were travelling to Amritsar with two adults, both from Bihar, who were taking them there for work.

The two adults were also found and taken, along with the 11 children, to the government railway police chowki at Aishbagh.

The rescue team comprised Childline Lucknow and Childline railway workers, Anti-Human Trafficking Unit officers, RPF officers and GRP officers.

The interrogation and investigation were still on.

“The CWC has been informed and the children will most likely be taken to the Mohan Road shelter home,” said Sharma.

A request has been made to take immediate action and investigate the adults who were found to be transporting the children, under the Child Labour Prohibition and Regulation Act.



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