Friday, July 12, 2024

Online WFH Scam: Man loses Rs 70 lakh in Gurugram

 A Gurugram resident has become a victim of cyber fraud as he lost Rs 70 lakh after he clicked on a link while applying for an online work from home (WFH) offer. 

The victim, a resident of Sector 43, said in his police complaint that on February 27, he received a message on his WhatsApp about a part-time job opportunity to earn extra money. The job involved small tasks like rating hotels and liking videos.

In return, the fraudsters promised him a hefty commission.

“I was promised a commission of Rs 2,000-3,000. The fraudsters opened a new bank account for me in which I deposited Rs 10,000 as a trial bonus. I was given 30 tasks and I got Rs 2,200 for completing the first task,” the victim told the police.

According to the police, after registering on the link for the work from home offer, the victim was instructed to complete certain tasks. The link then directed him to deposit a certain amount, promising a commission along with the original amount for doing so. This was all part of the offer that he had signed up for, as per the website’s instructions.

The scammers gained the victims’s trust by promptly giving him the promised commission along with the deposit amount. However, after the victim deposited approximately Rs 70 lakh, for which he had to borrow from his family members and other sources, he was unable to withdraw his money, indicating that he had fallen prey to a scam.

The complainant then reported the matter to the Gurugram cyber crime police station. The matter is still under investigation.



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