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Optimise your online business growth with Shopify & PhonePe Payment Gateway

In today’s digital era, having an online store is no longer optional for businesses — it’s essential, and when it comes to running a successful e-commerce venture, two key elements play a crucial role — a robust payment gateway and an efficient commerce platform.

For this, enters PhonePe Payment Gateway (PG), which recently integrated with Shopify to provide seamless payment options for its online business stores.

PhonePe PG has emerged as a reliable and preferred choice for businesses seeking seamless online transactions. With its trusted reputation and commitment to security, PhonePe instils confidence in millions of businesses across India.

With PhonePe PG, the process is designed to be effortless and smooth, enabling Shopify merchants to concentrate on business activities while PhonePe takes care of the technical aspects of payment processing.

“PhonePe is already a market leader in UPI with over 50 per cent market share by value. The company’s ability to handle large-scale transactions and the strong consumer trust in the platform have translated into making PhonePe PG a preferred choice among businesses and MSMEs across the country,” said Ankit Gaur, Head of Payment Gateway & Online Merchants at PhonePe.

“Through this collaboration with Shopify, we aim to bring the best of both worlds to elevate a seamless payment experience for consumers and Shopify merchants in the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) space,” he added.

On the other hand, Shopify brings its user-friendly interface and extensive features, allowing its online business partners to create a visually appealing storefront that reflects their brand identity, thus enhancing customer experience.

“Digital payments are an integral part of the e-commerce experience, and we are pleased to partner with PhonePe PG to enhance our payment offering and improve outcomes for our merchants in India. Our partnership offers multiple benefits by expanding the range of payment choices, facilitating seamless transactions, and delivering an effortless and convenient e-commerce experience for Shopify merchants,” said Bharati Balakrishnan — Shopify’s Country Head and Director for India & Southeast Asia.

The compatibility and seamless integration between PhonePe PG and Shopify ensure quick setup times and hassle-free operations.

In addition, both platforms prioritise user experience — providing responsive designs for mobile devices so that the online stores look great on all screens, ensuring that no matter how customers access the respective business site — be it through their laptops or smartphones — they have a seamless shopping experience.

Furthermore, with its industry-best success rates & advanced solutions like lightning-fast checkouts (Fast Forward), one-click payments (QC Lite), recurring billing (Auto-Pay), dedicated support and reliable fraud detection, PhonePe PG ensures that every transaction is smooth and hassle-free.

The company offers five benefits of onboarding with PhonePe PG.

1) Trusted by millions of users across India: The company’s ability to handle large-scale transactions and the strong consumer trust in the platform have translated into PhonePe launching its Payment Gateway business to provide the best-in-class payment experience to consumers and merchants alike.

2) Offers multiple payment methods: PhonePe PG understands the importance of catering to the diverse needs of a business and provides an array of payment methods to choose from, including UPI, Credit and Debit cards, and net banking. By offering multiple payment methods, businesses are able to position themselves as customer-centric and adaptable to their specific needs.

3) Built for scale: PhonePe PG is designed to effortlessly handle transactions of any scale, making it the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large corporations. This robust and scalable platform ensures seamless operations, even during periods of high demand.

4) Effortless integration and easy onboarding: The PhonePe PG is reliable and ensures 100 per cent uptime for merchants and comes with industry-best success rates. It proactively detects downtimes and ensures stable success rates of transactions with real-time instrument health-tracking capability. The PhonePe PG is also preferred by merchants as it comes with a hassle-free, no-code setup for effortless integration across all platforms.

5) Powerful centralised and user-friendly dashboard: PhonePe PG offers a robust and centralised dashboard that serves as a valuable tool for businesses, providing them with an array of insightful data and analytics, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and optimise their payment processes for optimal results.

By choosing PhonePe PG, Shopify merchants can enhance customer experience, drive growth, and stay ahead in the digital payment landscape.



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