Thursday, July 18, 2024

PM’s messages to Raj CM & BJP leaders makes it Modi vs Gehlot contest

Many hidden messages were given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his speech in Chittorgarh, and sources say they were meant both for the Gehlot government and the BJP as well.

Modi during his speech on Monday mentioned aboutGehlot government’s schemes, assured delivery of guarantees, and said the only one face for the BJP in the elections is the lotus symbol of the party.

Through the mention of lotus flower, he gave a message to the senior BJP leaders that they will not contest the elections on any single face. At the same time, by continuously attacking Gehlot, he gave the message that this election will be Modi versus Gehlot.

PM Modi not only gave hidden messages but also revealed the BJP’s action plan through his speech.

The PM made it clear that even after the BJP government comes to power in the state, the public interest schemes of the Gehlot government will not be stopped.

Modi said that Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot says that if the BJP government comes, his schemes will be stopped. “It means clearly that Gehlot has accepted that a BJP government is going to be formed in the state,” Modi said.

He said, “I assure the people of Rajasthan that no scheme of public interest will be stopped after the formation of the BJP government. Rather, efforts will be made to make them better.”

On Sunday, the government employees from all over the country had gathered in Delhi against the Central government. There was a demand of the employees that the Centre should also give the benefits of the old pension scheme to the central government employees on the lines of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Himachal.

In such a situation, the pressure on the Central government to implement OPS for the employees is continuously increasing. By talking about continuing these flagship schemes of Chief Minister Gehlot, PM Modi has in a way tried to woo the working class in the Assembly elections as well as the Lok Sabha polls.

Prime Minister Modi has visited Rajasthan 10 times in the last one year. Since the last two meetings, he has changed his way of addressing the people. Usually, Modi addresses people by saying ‘My dear people of the state’, ‘Brothers and sisters’. In the public meetings in Jaipur and Sanwalia, Modi addressed the people of the state as his family members.

The intention behind this is clear that Modi wants to give a message to the people of the state that Rajasthan is like a family for him and the people living here are part of his family.

Further PM Modi said, “Kamal (lotus) has to win with an overwhelming majority. Elections have to be contested under the leadership of Kamal. Rajasthan has to move forward by pressing the button on the lotus symbol.”

Sources said that his gesture was also towards the leaders sitting on the stage. Modi wants to make it clear that no leader is bigger than the party. Every leader and worker is identified with the lotus symbol of the party.

At the same time, he also gave a clear message to the workers that they should not fall prey to factionalism. It was also made clear that the BJP will not have any particular face in the Assembly election. The face will just be a lotus symbol of the party.



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