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Police Inspector’s Glock, wireless set stolen from car in South Delhi, accused held

A man has been held for stealing a Police Inspector’s bag from his car parked outside the Saket Court complex in South Delhi.

The bag contained a Glock pistol loaded with 10 live rounds and a wireless set, an official said on Thursday.

According to police, on Monday around 10:45 a.m, the Inspector reported at
Saket police station that he came to attend a case in the Saket Court and
parked his car near the complex wherein a laptop bag containing his
service Glock Pistol and wireless set were kept.

When he returned, he found that his laptop bag was stolen from his car by breaking the rear window glass.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Chandhan Chowdhary said that sensing the prospect of highly sophisticated loaded Glock pistol and wireless sets, especially designed to be used by the Security Forces only, falling into the hands of terrorists or dreaded criminals, the police of entire district was briefed to nab the criminals behind the incident as soon as possible on top priority basis.

During the investigation, footage of more than 600 CCTV cameras of different areas were collected and meticulously analysed. “The photo of the accused person was developed through technical apparatus and circulated through police net to get his identity and location,” said the DCP.

“On Wednesday, a specific inputs was received that a person involved in the
theft case would come to G-2nd block, Sangam Vihar for commission of crime.
After getting such key input, the team swung into action and laid a trap,”
said the DCP.

The accused was apprehended and he was identified as Sagar alias Sachin, a
resident of Sangam Vihar in Delhi.

On interrogation, Sagar disclosed that he had thrown the wireless set in
Ganda Nala of the G Block, Dakshinpuri near Ambedkar Nagar to distract the
focus of the police teams as he could be tracked down on basis of it and he
kept the stolen loaded Glock pistol at his house to sell it out to the criminals at a decent price.

“Thereafter, upon his instance the Glock pistol, 10 live rounds (9 mm) and
laptop bag were recovered from his house and the stolen wireless set was
recovered from the sewage drain,” the official added.



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