Tuesday, July 16, 2024

‘Return of the Living Dead’ set for comeback after two decades

The iconic zombie horror-comedy movie ‘Return of the Living Dead’ is now coming back from the grave after nearly two decades with a planned reboot.

The original film was directed by late Dan O’ Bannon and was released in 1985, becoming an all-time classic. Since then, the franchise has spawned four more sequels, with the last one releasing in 2005.

As per Collider, the film will be presented by Living Dead Media, which stated in its website, “Our reboot of ‘Return of the Living Dead’ will expand the existing world created by the original five films, while staying true to the R-rated, sci-fi, horror, dark comedy roots adored by fans of the cult classic around the world for the last 35 years.”

The company added, “We are excited to resurrect this franchise for current fans and new generations of zombie fans”.

‘Return of the Living Dead’ was a horror icon due to its compelling new brand of horror-comedy as it fully embraced both sides with some horribly gross body horror created with great practical effects, legitimately terrifying scares and then blended it with some very campy humor.

This has now become a staple for horror-comedies, particularly in the zombie apocalypse field. Creating a ghoulishly fun package which was the first of its kind, the movie inspired other classics of the horror genre such as ‘Scream’ and ‘Zombieland’, among many others. Currently there is no release date for the reboot.



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