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Sheeba Akashdeep: ‘Mental fatigue & fragility is part and parcel of entertainment industry’

Actress Sheeba Akashdeep, who is known for her work in ‘Kutumb’, ‘Haasil’, among others, feels that in any industry today, not just the entertainment industry, having a reference or a push is crucial to establish oneself.

The ‘Naagin 6’ actress said: “It’s not unique to our field, and unfortunately, this aspect has gained a bad reputation without a valid reason. Merit has its value, but it’s just harder to reach the right place at the right time without the contacts. But there there are people who have come in from actually the smallest towns and cities and we’ve got amazing talent through them and they’ve got amazing opportunities.”

Sheeba said: “So I guess it depends on how bright your stars are shining. Nepotism exists everywhere, in every industry. If someone is a doctor, their child might become a doctor, if someone is a lawyer, their child might become a lawyer, if someone is an actor, their child might become an actor. What’s complicated about that? What you expose your children to at home has a significant impact. They learn not just through formal teaching but also through your example. So, if my kids see me acting consistently, there might be one among them who would choose to pursue acting.”

Not getting the right opportunity or losing a good opportunity can be frustrating.

The actress said: “Frustration is a very real part of not getting the job you want and losing opportunities breaks your heart. So actors tend to be very volatile mentally because their heart gets broken more often than it gets repaired. So mental fatigue and mental fragility is a part and parcel of our industry.”

Entertainment industry is not an easy place to survive. Nothing works according to plan here. Whoever is successful today just loses all the success overnight.

Sheeba concluded, saying, “Entertainment industry is not disorganised. If you come through contacts and you’re not a good actor or your film is a flop, you’re back to zero. That is true. For a big actor or a small actor you can get your foot in the door but after that it’s your luck, your hard work, a good script and finally it’s a whole combined effort. So there is no guarantee of anything.”



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