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Shiv Sena (UBT) says BJP trying to pin the blame on Oppn for Parliament security breach

A day after the Parliament security breach, Shiv Sena (UBT) Rajya Sabha MP Priyanka Chaturvedi on Thursday hit out at the BJP saying that instead of looking at the problem as a serious security breach there is an attempt to somehow dump the blame on the opposition.

In a post on X, Chaturvedi said, “Such arrogance and silly assertions. Instead of looking at the problem as a serious security breach there is a an attempt to somehow dump the blame on the opposition.”

“Didn’t know opposition was responsible for parliament security. Didn’t know that (BJP’s Karnataka’s Mysuru MP) Pratap Simha had anything to do with opposition and didn’t know this new parliament was designed by the opposition benches.”

Her remarks came hours after BJP IT cell chief in a series of tweets on Wednesday night said, “Regime change is a phrase Congress leaders often use. Meet Neelam Azad, the lady who breached Parliament’s security today. She is an active Congress/I.N.D.I Alliance supporter. She is an andolanjeevi, who has been seen at several protests.”

“Question is who sent them? Why did they pick someone from Mysore to obtain Parliament pass from a BJP MP? Ajmal Kasab also wore a ‘kalava’ to mislead people. It is a similar ploy. Remember the Opposition will stop at nothing, not even defiling the Parliament, highest institution of our democracy,” Malviya said.

In another post, he also said, “After details of Neelam Singh Azad, her links to the Congress/I.N.D.I Alliance and Sudesh Goyat emerge, Manoranjan’s (who dropped in the Parliament well) father, speaks to the media. Among other things he says… Quote He (Manoranjan) just had a mind to do good to everyone – poor and disaffected. He has no ill intentions. We used to tell him. Leave all of this. You are an engineer. Get a job and do good to society in that manner. However, some may have filled his head with this type of thoughts.”

“Unquote. Leave what? Who may have filled his head with ‘this kind’ of thoughts? Who sponsored his frequent trips and flight tickets to Delhi? How did he collaborate with Neelam (based out of NCR) and Sagar Sharma from Lucknow? Who put together this module with people from different cities? Was Manoranjan active with Congress and or SFI sponsored movements? Did he attend Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra? The last word on this is not out yet… But one thing is clear: the Opposition defiled Parliament on 13 December with a purpose,” Malviya added.

The remarks came a day after two people jumped from the visitor’s gallery in the Lok Sabha during the Zero Hour proceedings.

The two also sprayed yellow colour smoke in the House before they were overpowered and caught by the MPs and handed over to security officials.

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday also ordered an enquiry of Parliament security breach under DG CRPF Anish Dayal Singh with members from other security agencies and experts.

The Delhi Police has registered a case and is investigating the security lapse issue.



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