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Special training to UP students who get re-admitted

  The Uttar Pradesh government will now impart specialised training to students soon after they are re-admitted, as part of the ongoing campaign to bring dropouts back to school.

The attempt is aimed to bring nearly 2. 85 lakh out-of-school children (OOSC) and dropouts at par with their counterparts in age-appropriate classes.

The special training is in sync with the Right to Education (RTE) Act and is being implemented through the Sharda programme that enrols OOSC identified during the 2022-23 academic year in age-appropriate classes.

These students will be trained in the current academic session.

As per directives issued by director general, school education, Vijay Kiran Anand, the nine-month training will begin from July 1. Each school has designated a nodal teacher, appointed by the block education officer (BEO), who will be responsible for the special training.

Additionally, periodic assessments will be conducted on a quarterly basis. The initial evaluation of OOSC will be completed by July 20 through Sharda app.

Based on the assessment results, the nodal teacher will create a customised teaching plan, said a government spokesperson.

During the training, nodal teachers will assess OOSCs on a quarterly basis. The tasks and worksheets done by the children in the special training centres will be preserved in the folders or profiles of the children. Special educators have been asked to extend support to nodal teachers in conducting the training.

Special educators in nyay panchayats will monitor 20 schools every month.

The divisional assistant director of education, district basic education officer and BEOs will conduct regular inspections of the special training centres. The school principal will actively engage in regular meetings with the guardians and parents of children attending the special training programme.

During these meetings, the principal will provide updates on the children’s attendance, learning ability and overall progress. In case of irregular attendance, efforts will be made to identify the reasons for the absence and address them accordingly.

The participation of the school management committee will be ensured in the identification, enrollment and education of disabled children and they will be monitored until the completion of their elementary education.



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