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Sudha Chandran, Amar Upadhyay to star in social drama ‘Doree’

Actress Sudha Chandran, and actor Amar Upadhyay are all set to star in the thought-provoking social drama titled ‘Doree’, which touches upon the reality of many abandoned girls who are not embraced by their parents.

The social problem explored in the upcoming show addresses girls who are not the first choices of the parents in a patriarchal society.

Addressing this discrimination, the ‘Doree’ canvasses a story that has the potential to influence the mindset, leading to change. The show traces the tale of Doree, a six-year-old girl who lives with her foster father Ganga Prasad in the Bunkar mohalla of Banaras.

Ganga Prasad is a dedicated father who finds his life’s purpose in upbringing Doree with great values and whose creative make-shift solutions ensure that his daughter does not feel deprived of facilities.

The promo opens with a heartwarming sight of Doree helping her physically challenged father in folding a saree. She asks him who abandoned her in the sacred Ganges and the father answers that the ones who did were unfortunate.

While Ganga Prasad counts himself lucky to have a daughter, the ruler of Varanasi’s handloom empire, Kailashi Devi deems daughters as unworthy. A propagator of patriarchy, Kailashi Devi has a conservative worldview which is at odds with Doree, a progressive girl who believes in gender equality.

It will be interesting to watch what the clash of these two competing ideologies has in store for the viewers.

The show features Sudha Chandran as Kailashi Devi, Amar Upadhyay as Ganga Prasad, and child actor Mahi Bhanushali as the young Doree.

Talking about her character, Sudha Chandran said: “I will be seen embodying the role of Kailashi Devi Thakur, a traditional Banarasi woman who propagates patriarchy in her household and runs a family business. That’s what excites me about bringing Kailashi Devi to life onscreen. The audiences have showered immense love on all my shows and celebrated the characters I’ve essayed. I hope they do the same for Doree.”

Amar Upadhyay shared: “I am thrilled about playing the role of Ganga Prasad in Doree. He’s a devoted father, who is determined to give his daughter the best life, despite having a disability. This is a kind of role that I have never portrayed before and will take my fans by surprise.”

“I am deeply grateful to the channel for offering this wonderful opportunity to feature in a show that will spark important social conversations around gender inequality through the endearing bond of father and daughter,” he added.

Amar said that he hopes the show wins the viewers’ hearts and the audiences embrace him as a doting father.

The show will soon air on Colors.



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