Sunday, July 14, 2024

Taylor Swift releases new album ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’

Country-pop singer Taylor Swift has finally dropped her latest album titled ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’, a re-recorded version of her 2010 album ‘Speak Now’. 

The 22-track album has been released and includes all 16 songs from the original along with deluxe versions of the project.

In addition, the album contains seven new ‘From the Vault’ tracks along with two collaborations with Hayley Williams and Fall Out Boy.

Taking to social media to celebrate her new release, the musician took to Instagram and captioned: “It’s here. It’s yours, it’s mine, it’s ours. It’s an album I wrote alone about the whims, fantasies, heartaches, dramas and tragedies I lived out as a young woman between 18 and 20.”

“I remember making tracklist after tracklist, obsessing over the right way to tell the story.” She further added: “I had to be ruthless with my choices, and I left behind some songs I am still unfailingly proud of now. Therefore, you have 6 ‘From The Vault’ tracks!”

“I recorded this album when I was 32 (and still growing up, now) and the memories it brought back filled me with nostalgia and appreciation. For life, for you, for the fact that I get to reclaim my work. Thank you a million times, for the memories that break our fall.”

“‘Speak Now’ (My Version) is out now!”

According to The Hollywood Reporter: “In May, Swift first announced that her 2010 album would be the next album in the revival lineup during the first of her three Eras Tour shows in Nashville, before later announcing the news on social media.”

“My version of Speak Now will be out July 7 (just in time for July 9th, iykyk),” she wrote on social media at the time, giving a nod to the lyrics of her song ‘Last Kiss.’ “I first made Speak Now, completely self-written, between the ages of 18 and 20.”

“The songs that came from this time in my life were marked by their brutal honesty, unfiltered diaristic confessions and wild wistfulness.”

“I love this album because it tells a tale of growing up, flailing, flying and crashing… and living to speak about it. With six extra songs I’ve sprung loose from the vault, I absolutely cannot wait to celebrate Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) with you,” she added.



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