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Telecom connectivity to get hampered in Lutyens’ Delhi due to new NDMC policy: DIPA

The Digital Infrastructure Providers Association (DIPA) on Saturday strongly opposed the latest New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) policy, saying it will hamper the quality of telecom connectivity due to the restrictions imposed on the installation of communication towers in the Lutyens’ Delhi.

The NDMC on Friday issued a 37-point guidelines with detailed rules to be followed while installing communication towers in the Lutyens’ Delhi.

DIPA, an apex representative body of telecom infrastructure providers, said the Right of Way (RoW) policy of NDMC is “not forward-looking” and is not aligned with the central RoW rules.

Although the initial policy mentions a single window clearance, it later introduces several agencies and committees for approvals on a case-to-case basis, said the association.

“It is very unfortunate that despite various representations made by DIPA, NDMC has issued a policy which is totally non-implementable. We strongly urge Amit Yadav, IAS, Chairperson and Member, NDMC to take immediate action to amend this NDMC policy and implement a uniform Right of Way policy that is fully aligned with the RoW Rules of 2016 and its subsequent amendments,” said TR Dua, Director-General, DIPA.

According to the new policy, the installation of towers or antennae should be in a manner that they do not disturb the heritage and aesthetic aspects of the New Delhi area.

For heritage-listed buildings, a no-objection certificate from the heritage conservative committee is also required and for the buildings within a radius of 300 metres from ASI monuments, a NOC from the National Monument Authority is required.

No unauthorised Cell On Wheel (COW) will be allowed in the NDMC area.

The multiplicity of towers needs to be avoided and the use of existing towers optimised by accommodating at least three operators for which they are designed and as per guidelines and amended by the government, according to new NDMC rules.

DIPA argued that the quality of telecom connectivity is definitely going to be impacted and may also get deprived due to the restrictions imposed by the NDMC.



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