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Top five picks for the perfect out-of-office look

New Delhi, Oct 3 (IANSlife) Are you bored of wearing formals all day and being all prim and proper? And waiting for the day to end at work and slip into a different attire all together. Or that feeling on a Friday evening once you are heading home and then changing zones to evening wear or weekend wear.

If semi-casuals, comfortable clothes, and ones that are stylish at the same time are your go-to options. IANSlife has curated our top picks to get the perfect out-of-office fashion looks, keeping comfort, style, and the out-of-office vibes all together in mind.

For the evening outings with near and dear ones

Looking sassy and trendy at the same time brings on a mood change altogether. This Maroon co-ord set is very classy and in its element, especially keeping the Friday Night Plan on point. This can be worn with friends and family and all the near and dear ones you need to see.

For the evening romantic date with your loved one

This hot pink outfit is aiming at channelizing the inner Barbie in you. It is your perfect movie night or dinner date option for a relaxing evening after a hard day of work. Be sure, your Ken is going to have eyes only for you, this dress has that effect.

For those making their way for the weekend getaways

It’s the weekend vibes setting in already the minute we know it’s Friday! As we wait for the clock to tick through the last few minutes at work before we can rush to head towards our weekend getaway, make sure you slip on and pack the right outfits to have a comfortable weekend stay altogether.

Adorning a traditional avatar

This is what a traditional look feels like, our sarees. For those attending important traditional events or going to a religious place post working hours, this is a good fit indeed. This would even suit family gatherings too. You will stand out in the crowd due to how beautiful you look in this.

For the casual vibes on being out of the office

This one’s a winner. It is easy, breezy, lemon squeezy, and gives the perfect out-of-office vibes. You can be comfortable and be yourself and there is no other place you would rather be.

For the trendy picks on out-of-office plans:

Co-ord sets are in, and they can fit into any occasion. For parties, gatherings, and any other event being attended, smart casuals are a safe bet always. You are on point with the current trend in co-ord sets booming and you know there is no scope for being mismatched with this one.

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