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Universality of human emotions is wonderful: Director Stuart Gatt

Speaking about his film ‘Catching Dust’, British filmmaker Stuart Gatt on Tuesday said that universality of human emotions is wonderful as a story from Texas gets the same reception everywhere.

The 54th edition of the International Film Festival of India opened on Monday with the international premiere of ‘Catching Dust’ by director Stuart Gatt.

Stuart Gatt along with co-producers Mark David and Jonathan Katz talking at the interaction program at 54th IFFI in Goa, spoke on various aspects of the film.

While elaborating on the focus of the movie on human emotions, he said that universality of human emotions is wonderful that a story from Texas gets the same reception everywhere.

‘Catching Dust’, which is a United States, UK, Spain co-production is the feature directorial debut of Stuart Gatt who has been making short films on topical social themes till now.

When asked about choosing a dark subject for the debut film, Stuart remarked that he tends to explore the darker aspects of human psychology.

“American films focus more on positive emotions but as humans we struggle and go through different emotions. Maybe my childhood also played a part in picking the subject,” he said.

Mark David, one of the producers, added that he loved the characters, how they evolved in the story and also had a good working relationship with Stuart from his previous short film.

Jonathan Katz, another co-producer added “When I read the script, I loved the character and the dialogues, you could see the film coming together.”

The 96 minutes long film is a desert drama set in the isolation of Texas’ Big Bend, a lone trailer on an abandoned commune has become the reluctant hideout for Geena and her criminal husband, Clyde.

Exhausted by his controlling ways, Geena decides to leave, when a trailer suddenly arrives carrying a couple from New York. Ignoring the risks their presence will bring, Geena convinces Clyde to let them stay, a decision that will have dangerous consequences for them all.



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