Sunday, June 16, 2024

Vishal Mishra, Dino James collaborate for heartfelt single ‘Door Aa Gaye’

Music composer Vishal Mishra and rapper Dino James have released their new single ‘Door Aa Gaye’ in collaboration. It’s a heartfelt electro-pop-rap song dealing with the pain of heartbreak.

Vishal Mishra’s singing is very poignant and soulful as he exudes pure passion from his voice, though Dino can’t be underestimated either. His rapping is drastically different from what listeners are normally used to, because this time he isn’t doing either gangsta or freestyle.

Instead, his rapping is kept very rooted and grounded in style, texture and flavour, as he does a very mellow kind of rapping which later gets mixed in with Vishal’s singing.

While the majority of the track is sung by Vishal in pure desi style with little to no variation in the instrumentation, Dino James has given a very strong performance as his rap perfectly complements Vishal’s singing.

Furthermore, Dino later himself mixes up his own rapping with some bits of singing here and there, and after arriving at the crescendo, his rap is fully infused with Vishal’s voice.

This unlikely pair have delivered a very powerful track in ‘Door Aa Gaye’, as it gives off a strong feeling of remorse, regret, longing, pain, and a realisation that there is no going back, and harkening back to the olden days is a pipe dream.

The composition is a dual effort between the two, and because they understand each other’s strengths, the two were able to pull off the song with great vocal chemistry.



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