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WCD Department officials tried to intimidate DCPCR, stall inquiry at every stage in BJP leader’s school: Sources

Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) has directed the closure of Holy Trinity School in East Delhi after the pre-primary playschool was found to be flouting several norms. The closure comes amid allegations of pressure by the WCD Department not to take any action against the BJP-leader owned school, sources said.

“DCPCR inquired into the illegal running of Holy Trinity School in East Delhi. We found that the pre-primary playschool was running illegally in violation of the Right to Education Act, compromised children’s safety and privacy by having multiple commodes in the same toilet cubicle, flouted safety standards, concealed documents from the DCPCR and lied on record (which constitutes an offence),” said the sources.

Sources said that soon after the inquiry was instituted by the DCPCR, Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena ordered an audit into the alleged misuse of government funds by the child rights body.

“After this inquiry was instituted by the DCPCR, the Department of Women & Child Development officials became hyper active, and have been trying to intimidate the Commission into silence and stall the inquiry at every stage. This shows undue influence over WCD Officials and interference into the inquiry. This raises serious and troubling questions,” the sources added.

A few days ago, a member of the DCPCR, Abhinandita Mathur, said, “It is unfortunate that Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor is working for the BJP instead of Delhi’s children. We received several grave complaints about a school based in East Delhi, owned by the BJP leader, Kuljeet Chahal. There were many norms which weren’t being followed by the school. Upon the parents’ complaints against grievances, an inquiry was set up regarding the same.”

The DCPCR member added, “In this inquiry, many unacceptable things were unraveled. This issue concerned the safety and well-being of children, and the DCPCR took routine action against the school, irrespective of who the owner of the school is. This inquiry and audit by the LG is in the line of retaliation against the DCPCR’s inquiry allegedly.

“To prove his alleged loyalty towards the BJP by saving the BJP leader’s school, VK Saxena has initiated the inquiry and audit. We have no problem with the inquiry. The DCPCR is an important body, where routine measures are taken.”

Mathur revealed that Chahal’s school in East Delhi is up to the nursery level, but they had illegally added a first-grade class.

“When the DCPCR inspection team visited the school, they found that fire safety norms were not being followed. No one in the entire school knew how to operate fire safety equipment. Moreover, the toilets for boys and girls were the same, although they should have been separate. Several toilets were placed in one room without partitions, compromising children’s privacy and security,” she claimed.

She also said that many BJP leaders have turned education into a business.

“The Lieutenant Governor has taken action to audit the alleged misuse of government funds in the functioning of the DCPCR, allegedly providing security for the BJP leaders’ business. I urge the Lieutenant Governor, that if he genuinely cares about children, and wants to investigate, they should take action based on the DCPCR’s investigation report against BJP leader Chahal’s school. The DCPCR conducted a courageous and honest investigation and prepared a comprehensive report,” she said.

The DCPCR member further said that it seems that the ones who are tendering advice to Lieutenant Governor, lack basic information because the DCPCR is a statutory body.

“The Delhi Government allocates funds in its budget for the DCPCR, and the organisation then uses these funds according to its methods. All of this is audited. The Lieutenant Governor’s orders for an investigation contain several aspects that would surprise anyone because they lack a basis,” she said.



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