Thursday, June 20, 2024

‘What If…?’ Season 2 brings to light an array of dark realities

The animated series ‘What If…?’ has returned with another grisly take as it hones in for a Christmas release. The trailer for ‘What If…?’ brings yet another stream of alternate dark realities to light, where a whole array of endless possibilities exists if even some very minute changes had taken place in the original MCU timeline.

Introducing new heroes and villains to the audiences, Season 2 may be a bit different than what audiences have been accustomed to in the past decade, given that there are new characters who they may not be familiar with or they might not be in the place they’re expected to be.

Nonetheless, it will feature the same explosive action, comedy, and other elements that the franchise is known for, albeit with a darker turn as ‘What If…?’ as can be affirmed by its title, focuses on alternate realities and different possibilities, most of which are in the favour of villains.

The show is presented from the point of view of The Watcher, an extraterrestrial near-omnipresent being who watches over the space-time-continuum and focuses on its every alternate fabric.

Voiced by Jeffrey Wright, the character is the bridge connecting the viewers with the events that take place in the series, with him exploring the different timelines and how they differ from what has been seen across more than thirty MCU films.

The new trailer introduces yet another version of the ‘Avengers’ who are trying to keep the planet safe from what appears to be a child with telekinetic abilities.

From what can be heard from the sneak peek at the new episodes, actor Michael Douglas will once again return to voice Hank Pym from the ‘Ant-Man’ films, after doing so in the first season when the character turned into a villain after someone killed an alternate version of Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly). It remains to be seen which characters will also count with the voices of their live-action counterparts.

The series will air nine episodes daily upon its release on Disney+ Hotstar on December 22, where Season 1 is also available for streaming.



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