Monday, May 20, 2024

WSF revolutionising athlete training again: Wrestling mats installed under project wings

The WoMEN Sports Foundation (WSF), a non-governmental organisation, announced the successful installation of state-of-the-art wrestling mats in two different locations, in Haryana.

The wrestling mats were installed in villages Gonder and village Brass, revolutionising the training landscape for budding athletes in the region. This endeavour represents the second phase of Project Wings, following the wheelchair distribution drive, both of which contribute to giving wings to athletes, enabling them to soar high in the world and overcome any obstacles they encounter.

Piyush Sachdeva, Chairman of WSF, emphasised the importance of equipping athletes with the best resources from the grassroots level. He stated, “We need to implement the right equipment that will shape the athletes to face world-class championships, right from the start. This is where the magic happens; this is where they get moulded into future champions. We must provide them with the very best to ensure their growth.”

Chairman Dharampal Gonder of Haryana Forest Development Corporation and MLA of Nilokheri expressed his gratitude to WSF and Haryana Forest Development Corporation (HFDC) for fulfilling a longstanding demand from Akhada representatives and wrestlers. “Today, we have fulfilled the long-time request for wrestling mats, ensuring a better training environment for budding wrestlers. I am deeply grateful to WSF and HFDC for providing world-class equipment,” he said.

MD Vineet Garg of Haryana Forest Development Corporation (HFDC) spoke about the importance of fostering a sporting culture in Haryana. “We have undertaken this initiative to enable athletes to fulfil their dreams. We are privileged to support these athletes and give them the means to live their dreams,” he stated.

Previously, athletes trained on underdeveloped, rough mud akhadas, which hindered their ability to dream of playing on an international stage. However, with the installation of these wrestling mats, the path has been paved for them to not only reach international levels but to arrive fully prepared.

Vartika Chandola from WSF, upon witnessing the success of the second phase of Project Wings, commented, “If we wish to produce capable athletes who will represent and bring glory to our country, we need to invest in them from the start. And WSF will continue investing its time, efforts, and dedication to provide wings to the stars of India.”

“The WoMEN Sports Foundation (WSF) remains dedicated to empowering athletes and creating a nurturing environment for their growth. Piyush expresses, “through initiatives like Project Wings, WSF strives to make a lasting impact on the society, enabling its citizens to realise their full potential”.



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