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Youth arrested for sending woman’s objectionable photos to her fiancee

Delhi Police have arrested a 19-year-old youth for allegedly creating a fake social media account of a woman from which he sent morphed photos to her fiancee, an official said on Saturday.

The arrested individual was identified as Shubham Kumar, a resident of Maker in Bihar’s Saran district.

On March 20, the complainant reported that her fiancee had received offensive messages and manipulated photographs of her and her family members through a fraudulent social media account.

The explicit content and altered images led to the dissolution of their engagement.

Upon investigation, it was determined that the perpetrator behind the fake account was Shubham Kumar, a resident of Bihar. He was subsequently apprehended in Muzaffarpur, said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Dwarka), M. Harsh Vardhan.

During questioning, Kumar revealed that the complainant’s sister-in-law was known to him.

With the intent of defaming the complainant, Kumar had devised the fake account and proceeded to transmit indecent messages and doctored photos to her fiancee.

Objectionable material was also recovered from his mobile phone.

The DCP said that an investigation is underway to verify the claims made by the accused against the complainant’s sister-in-law.



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