Wednesday, July 24, 2024

YouTube testing a slight mobile app redesign for Android users

Google-owned YouTube is testing a redesign in mobile Android app that removes the “Library” tab from the bottom of the app.

The company is replacing the ‘Library’ tab with a new “You” tab that takes you to the same place but with some changes, reports 9to5Google.

The test sees YouTube remove your profile avatar in the top-right corner and move it to the bottom bar.

It serves as the icon for a new “You” tab that combines the functionality of the previous account menu and Library, said the report.

“Your channel information appears first along with buttons to Switch account, Google Account, and Turn on Incognito,” it added.

App settings are accessed from the gear icon that only appears on this page, and is faster to access than before.

YouTube Music has also redesigned its “Now Playing” screen with a new comments section that allows users to read and write comments directly from the app.

The redesign has been rolled out to iOS and Android devices globally.

The new comments button shows existing comments from the official music video on YouTube.

Users can also type their own content, which adds a more engaging social component to the app.

YouTube has also announced that it is testing a new feature on Android that will allow users to search for a song on the platform by humming.

Users in the experiment can toggle from YouTube voice search to the new song search feature, and hum or record the song they are searching for over three seconds in order for the song to be identified.



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