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After facing flak, Goa CM avoids taking states’ names over crime

Reiterating that crimes in the coastal state are committed by ‘outsiders’, Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Thursday restrained himself from naming the states from where they come.

Earlier on May 1, Sawant was criticised for his remark that “After committing any crime here, the migrants go back to their native state and then it becomes difficult to nab him or her. If we see the ratio, 90 per cent of the crimes in Goa are committed by migrants. Be it from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh or other states, I am not going into the details.”

He had then clarified that his speech, which was in Konkani language, was twisted by some politicians and leaders.

Speaking over the issue of crime, while inaugurating a police station in Priol-North Goa, the Chief Minister on Thursday said, “We should be alert while giving rooms on rent. Tenant verification is must. We should know their original address and their records. Then only we should give the rooms on rent.”

“They come from other states, I will not take names (of the states), then I am blamed. They come here by committing crimes in their states, where police search them and they stay here, rob and get involved in many other crimes here too. I will not speak much (about crimes they commit),” Sawant added.

He said that people of Goa are not seen involved in crimes like murder.

“Goans are involved in property matters and family matters, and in very rare cases an injury happens in rage. Goans don’t commit crimes like murder,” he added.

“Outsiders are involved in many of the cases. It is our responsibility to prevent crimes, which can help to reduce crime rate. We are at number one position in crime detection. Our crime detection rate is more than 94 per cent,” Sawant said.

“Situation should not come to visit the police station (for crime-related issues). However, you can go for positive things (for police clearance, reports). I reiterate that for positive things ‘Bhivpachi garaz na’ (there’s no need to worry). Police is supportive and have friendly relations,” he added.



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