Monday, June 17, 2024

Apple improves podcast discovery by adding 9 subcategories

Tech giant Apple has improved podcast discovery by adding nine subcategories to the Search tab across devices.

The subcategories make it easier for listeners to “discover their next favourite show among a variety of popular genres and topics,” the company said in a blogpost on Tuesday.

These nine subcategories are — Mental Health, Relationships, Self-Improvement, Personal Journals, Entrepreneurship, Documentary, Parenting, Books and Language Learning.

Each subcategory has its own charts, which display the Top Shows and Top Episodes available in the users’ market.

“All 19 categories and these nine subcategories have been refreshed with new artwork and recommendations,” the company said.

These include Apple Podcasts Essentials along with easy-to-navigate rows for charts and additional subcategories.

“Listeners in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia can also now explore Podcasts by Language to more easily find podcasts in their native language,” it added.

Listeners can access all categories, subcategories and Podcasts by Language from the Search tab on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

The tech giant further mentioned that listeners can browse the charts for a specific category or subcategory from the category page.



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