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Asiya-Neelofar case: 2 Kashmiri doctors terminated for manipulating post-mortem reports

The Jammu and Kashmir government on Thursday terminated the services of two senior doctors for manipulating post-mortem reports and propagating false narrative regarding the deaths of two women in Shopian district on May, 29, 2009.

The doctors have been identified as Nighat Chiloo, a consultant gynaecologist, and Bilal Ahmad Dalal.

Sources said that both the doctors had played a crucial role in falsifying facts and creating a narrative against India by preparing four false post-mortem reports indicating rape and murder of both the women.

The false news about the rape and murder of Asiya Jan (17) and Neelofar Jan (22) set Kashmir on fire. Mobs also clashed with the security forces in several places.

The indefinite strike called by separatists crippled education and local economy in the Valley.

Following the unrest, the then state government suspended four policemen – including the then Superintendent of Police of Shopian district – and arrested them.

A messed-up investigation could not confirm rape, murder or death due to drowning.

The case was finally handed over to CBI which unearthed details about the involvement of two doctors who had been acting hand-in-glove with the separatists to vilify the country.

The charges finally prepared against the two doctors reveal even more startling details.

Sources said that the investigation into the role of Nighat revealed that she had prepared falsified post-mortem reports.

“Not one, but four different post-mortem were prepared each full of intra and inter inconsistency and contradictions. Things that did not exist were artificially added while things that existed were deliberately omitted. Biological samples belonging to unknown persons (not of the deceased) were fraudulently obtained and placed on record,” the sources said.

“Had Nighat done the wrong under duress she had an opportunity to reveal the truth during the CBI interview. She negated any theory of duress. She admitted to the wrongs only after CBI confronted her with incontrovertible scientific forensic evidence that the body fluids did not belong to the deceased.

“Nighat on being cornered with unimpeachable evidence of her falsehood, resorted to another round of falsehood that the vaginal fluid belonged to her and the spermatozoa to her husband. The CBI did another round of complex, time taking and expensive DNA test only to find that she is lying,” the sources said.

About the involvement of Bilal Ahmad, sources said: “Dr. Bilal Ahmad Dalal maliciously prepared post-mortem reports incorporating false elements to support the false theory of rape and murder that had come to be mischievously floated and propagated by the Pakistan proxies within the terrorist-secessionist networks.

“The falsehood of such bogus post-mortem reports came to fore and was conclusively proved on the basis of the findings of AIIMS/CFSL, New Delhi that the victims had died due to ante-mortem drowning,” they added.

According to sources, Bilal Ahmad had wrongly mentioned the lacerated wound on the frontal portion of Asiya’s head as an incised wound. He also falsely opined on the cause of death as hemorrhagic shock and bleeding from multiple injuries in case of Asiya and neurogenic shock in case of Neelofar. “CBI exposed this falsehood with the help of incontrovertible forensic evidence that found the death to be asphyxia as a result of ante-mortem drowning in both the cases.”



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