Wednesday, June 19, 2024

BJP’s Rudy claims Anand Mohan released from jail due to ‘his efforts’

Taking a separate path from the BJP, Saran MP Rajiv Pratap Rudy on Wednesday claimed that Bahubali leader Anand Mohan was released from jail due to his efforts.

“Anand Mohan was serving jail terms for years. I started the campaign for him that led to his release. It is an achievement of my campaign in Bihar,” he said.

Rudy also claimed that the Nitish Kumar government’s caste-based survey was stayed by Patna High Court due to his campaign.

“I was against the caste-based survey right from the beginning. Hence, I started a campaign in Bihar and then the matter reached the court. I have strong proof of that. Due to my efforts, the Patna High Court has put interim stay on it. The state government went to the Supreme Court but did not get relief,” he added.

Rudy is currently undertaking a campaign called “Vision Bihar and Agenda 2025”, which is not related to the BJP, and going to every district headquarters. On Wednesday, he went to Munger and attended the meeting of his supporters.

He is staying away from the party’s activities despite being a sitting MP.

Rudy also said that he has been in politics for the last 35 years and the fathers of current BJP state chief Samrat Chaudhary and his predecessor Sanjay Jaiswal were his colleagues. Samrat Chaudhary also comes from Munger.

“I did politics with Shakuni Chaudhary and Madan Jaiswal. I was first elected as MLA in 1990 and became Lok Sabha MP in 1999. And these two leaders were also MLAs and MPs at that time,” Rudy said.



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