Saturday, May 18, 2024

CRA fires 120 employees for wrongly claiming CERB

The Canada Revenue Agency says that it has fired 120 employees who took advantage of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) during the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

An internal review launched by the CRA to identify employees who inappropriately claimed the benefit while employed at the department resulted in 600 suspected cases.

“Out of the approximately 600 cases, we can report that 120 individuals are no longer with the CRA as a result of this internal review,” the CRA statement said.

Investigations and disciplinary processes are ongoing.

As per the statement, any CRA employees who improperly claimed benefits will be required to pay them back if they have not already done so. Any employees suspected of criminality could have their cases referred to police.

“When misconduct is identified, we ensure that the appropriate actions are taken to address it,” the statement read.

CERB provided financial support to employed and self-employed Canadians who were directly affected by COVID-19. Applicants received $2,000 for a 4-week period ($500 a week).

Canada’s Auditor General reported December that $4.6 billion in benefits went to ineligible individuals and an estimated $27.4 billion in payments to individuals and employers should be investigated further.


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