Monday, June 17, 2024

‘Crime Patrol 48 Hours’ to air from July 10

Popular crime drama TV show, ‘Crime Patrol’, which is well-known for its concept of re-enactments of various criminal cases presented with both realism and drama with some minute alterations to the original, is set to make a comeback with its new season ‘Crime Patrol 48 Hours’ on July 10.

The new season will tell the stories of crimes within the time span of 48 hours from when they happened to when they were solved. It promises to bring to light intriguing cases from highly well-known cases to more obscure ones, all of which demand fast and intuitive thinking, skilled detection, and coordination in order to solve them.

‘Crime Patrol 48 Hours’ strives to emphasise on the many threats faced by society and the many steps undertaken by law enforcement authorities to solve those cases quickly and effectively.

The new season will take viewers on a different trip showing the work and experience of the police department, with a focus on swift action and successful solutions.

Over the two decades since it began airing back in 2003, ‘Crime Patrol’ has led to spin-offs like ‘Crime Patrol Dial 100’ and underwent changes in both its focus and presentation.

Premiering on Sony Entertainment Television, ‘Crime Patrol 48 Hours’ also features a different production compared to the last season. The crime anthology show will begin running on July 10, 2023.



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